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Presorting Saves Money

Most of our clients choose to presort their

mail because it results in lower postage.

Because we're doing some of the work,

it costs the  USPS Postal Service less money

to process and deliver those pieces of mail.

That savings is passed on to you in the form

of commercial postage prices. Basically, "presorting"

means grouping mail by ZIP Code. All of the pieces

going to the same destination get grouped into the same bundle or tray. We’ll sort to specific areas, and then work our way up to more general areas. All leftover mail pieces are combined together.


We do all the work for you!

Our team will sort your mail to maximize postage savings.  We bundle, tray and palletize the mail and have it verified at our facility with our in house Post Office BMEU.  The Bulk Mail Entry Unit saves us a tremendous amount of time and energy when getting your mail cleared by the Post Office. With the on site Post Office we can have your mail ready to enter the mail-stream the same day and speed the in home delivery time by up to 3 days.


Drop Shipping 
Let us process your files and give you an accurate postage analysis and proposal. Typically, when we reach in excess of 20,000 pieces to an SCF we can drop ship your mail and reduce your postage costs. We also notice at least a 2 day savings for in home delivery times and sometimes greater if shipped to the East Coast. Call or email today and begin saving on your postage costs. 

 Priority Mail Drop Shipping
We also offer PMOD Priority Express Drop Shipping for Standard Mail. Some mailings just don’t lend themselves to the more traditional methods of transporting drop-shipped mail from the original entry point to the destination entry post offices. Drop shipping traditionally involves the use of over-the-road trucks to get the mail to the destination point. It works very well for many types of mailings, but smaller mailings make it tougher to take advantage of drop shipping benefits without paying high minimum charges to logistics providers. Since Priority Express has next day delivery service and Priority Mail has 2- to 3-day delivery service, PEDS can be a very quick way to transport the mail to the additional entry points. This is ideal for time-sensitive mail or for delivery trouble spots. 

Stamp and Postage
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