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Welcome to our Website and Home of the "Check Snap Pack Mailer"...

Snap Pack Printing is our Specialty!

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We decided to dedicate an entire website for our #1 pressure seal performing product! We love Check Snap Pack Mailers and Pressure Seal Mailers and we are SURE you will, too!

We are a large commercial printer based out of California and we have a "NICHE"  for snap pack printing and mailing. We warehouse our custom paper in HUGE VOLUME to allow us to offer lower pricing to you!  We offer both short run and long run printing and have the print capabilities to print all jobs high end, custom, or standard at any quantity. We also back our product quality and distribution with an official "USPS Postal Guarantee of Delivery 3602" form. Don't get fooled by the small guys, we are a large printer that crosses every T and dots our I's. Our presses are always working 24/7 to get your snap pack printing project out ON TIME and ON BUDGET!

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Why are we building a website centered around a single concept?
The answer is simple: Self Mailers with a check inside deliver HUGE RESPONSE RATES! The Check Continuous Mailer is the BEST performing product driving response rates through the roof!

Snap Packs with a  check have a  clear poly window so that the recipient can see the check from the outside.  We also offer every other snap pack pressure seal mailer on the market at a price that no one can beat! We print in large quantities with many machines producing snap pack printing 24/7. We make money on our overall volume while you SAVE MONEY because of this!

So who wouldn’t open up a mail piece with a CHECK INSIDE? 
Everyone opens them! These Window Check Snap Packs “Hit it out of the Park!”

​The Snap Pack with a check and window have been an overall lead performer when tested against other products:


What kind of response rate will I get using a Snap Pack Mailer?
Check Mailers  and standard Snap Pack Mailers are generating a HUGE response rate, unlike any other product we have tested!  With simplified messaging, an official appearance, and a clear call to action, this Continuous Self Mailer, or "Snap Pack" has brought more response rates than any other direct mail piece to date, EVER!.


How much does a Snap Pack Mailer cost?
An added bonus is the cost savings. By removing the need for a return envelope, postage, and extra marketing collateral, the Snap Pack cut their marketing costs in half. Snap Pack Mailers are more economical then traditional mailers.


What can the check portion of a snap pac be used for?
The check portion of the Snap Pack Mailer can also be used as a coupon or incentive.  We can also print REAL checks with a security tint.The check can be seen from the outside of the mailer, therefore the recipient opens this type of mailer 95% of the time!


What else do I need to know about your Company?
Snap pack printing is easy! We carry a huge variety of paper in our warehouse and can print an order in   48-72 hours! We make Pressure Seal Snap Pack Mailing easy for you with FREE graphic design work by our expert artists. Leave the work to us, this is what we DO BEST! We also offer printing for just about ANY PROJECT! We do traditional mailers, postcards, direct mail flyers, and just about anything you can think of! We also offer in-house data and can offer our print clients wholesale pricing for any type of mail list you need

Check Snap Pack  or Check Snap Packs with a window may be used for:

  • Merchant Cash Advances

  • Payroll checks (We offer real check paper with a security tint that is a live check)

  • Mortgage Lending – Lender can offer a check rebate

  • School Loan Consolidation

  • Demand Letters

  • Tax Lien

  • Debt Reduction Notice

  • Rebate Check

  • Credit Bureau Mailer

  • Mortgage Document

  • Loan Modification Instruction

  • Credit Card Offer

  • IRS, W2 or Official Document

  • Federal Aid Check

  • Medical Document

  • Automotive Incentives

  • Refinance Offers

  • Summons

  • Coupons

  • Foreclosure Notifications

  • Medical Statements

  • Billing Statements

  • Accounting Statements

  • Report Cards

  • Tuition Bills

  • Renewal Notifications

  • Direct Deposit Checks

  • Confidential Mailer

  • Voter Registration

  • Membership Card

  • Delivery Notice

  • Year End 1099 Forms

  • City Tax Bills

  • DMV Renewal

  • Dividend Checks

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