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   Snap Pack Facts

What is a Pressure Seal Mailer?

Whether you call them"snap packs", Snap Pacs, Pressure Seal Mailers, Continuous Mailers or Snap Apart Mailers, they are basically all the same thing. There is a single sheet of paper with 2-3 tear off sides. A snap pack mailer is a pressure-sealed envelope-free mailer that is perforated on three sides.  We also offer  a “converted snap pack" that does not use pressure seal. It is really a matter of preference whether you like a 3 sided tear off mailer (pressure seal) or a 2 sided (converted) self-mailer. The receiver has to tear off either two or three sides of the self-mailer- envelope to open it. 


Imagine if you had the perfect direct mail piece that was ALWAYS opened by the recipient. Imagine that coming TRUE! Yes, it is true that the new snap pack design with a window and a check enclosed is one of most OPENED MAIL PIECE, EVER!. You can increase your marketing return on investment using a Snap Pack Mailer with a Check because it’s impossible to see one without wanting to open it. 

 Why do Snap Packs get opened more then traditional mailers?
The snap pack mailer looks official, so whatever is inside is official, important or urgent. There can also be a clear poly window on the outside so that the recipient can view a check (and the check can be a REAL check or a fake or faux check). This product can be used in any industry to draw in a potential customer or client.  The reason that they work so well is that the envelope is just sitting there in front of you with a “Pay to the Order of” peering out at you. They work because people can’t throw them away without opening- Now why would anyone want to throw away a real check?


Can a Snap Pack offer personal data or "variable data"?
Pressure seal self-mailers can be personalized to list the recipient’s name, address and other personal facts. This is called Variable Data or Mail Merge. This is another reason why snap packs work well. Speaking directly to the recipient by making the message personal drives a high response rate. And of course, the check is made out to the person or business it is mailed to. You can also seek out a good mail list provider to get more specific about the clients you are reaching out to OR we have an in-house mail list department that can offer all of our clients a wholesale price on mail lists for any industry,


What can continuous mailer Snap Packs be used for?
They work well with direct mail marketing, but they can also be used for corporate purposes, such as accounting reports to clients, and have other administrative uses. They look official as direct mail marketing, because they do have many official uses. They can also be used for donations requests, because they have two distinct parts, in which one can be a mail-in return form.


What sizes and colors are offered for Snap Packs? 
The snap pack check mailers come in many sizes and colors. They can usually be found in 8.5×11 size, or 8.5×14 size, but they come in postcard size as well, 4×6.  The self-mailers can be printed in color and also with a reply card or reply envelope. We find that often by printing on a pink or pale green stock, the open rate goes even higher. Often times a pink  snap pack mailers is seen as a “late notice” so the sense of urgency to open the snap pack is greater.  Snap packs can be custom made in just about any way, shape or form.

               We will beat any price in the USA!
We have a team of experienced direct mail specialists that create tailored mail campaigns for every industry! Reach out to us and we will design a snap pack for you at no cost plus give you the lowest price guarantee in the country!



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