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  Our Mission Statement
"A Collaborative Team Creates Successful Results!

Producing our client’s snap pack or custom project is more than just taking orders. We strive to communicate in the best way possible to create a positive experience and achieve a successful outcome! We take extra care to make sure it’s done right, from start to finish and that you are happy with the process and end results.

At CheckSnapPacks.Com our Senior Project Coordinators work 24/7, which allows us to meet your deadlines – no matter how tight they are. We also collaborate as a group to add input to every client project to assure that each print piece goes out with the best possible chance to gain a share of the marketplace for the client's industry.

We believe you should receive personal attention so we assign a dedicated, experienced account manager to help you design and launch your Snap Pack Mailer. You can be assured they will understand your vision for the project, keep you informed throughout the process, and provide accountability.

Throughout it all, we’ll do more than just print your materials. We’ll do whatever it takes to make your project a success. From providing a quick turnaround or offering value-added services that simplify your job and make your message more effective, you can count on Check Snap Packs, Inc to do the job!


Founders  Marshall Clark, CFO and Rebecca Gould CEO

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